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Join us in extending a helping hand to the families devastated by the Maui fires through our Project Aloha Texas Fundraiser - #MAUISTRONG.  In the wake of this tragedy, we are committed to making a positive impact by providing direct assistance where it's needed most.  Every contribution to this cause goes directly towards relieving the financial burden these families bear.  Let's unite in love and resilience, showing that no matter the distance, the spirit of aloha knows no bounds.

Project Aloha Texas has operated for 6 years under the non-profit 501c3, The Ark at Grapevine.  Barry and Pomai Uyehara, owners of Pineapple Grill Texas, are the founders of The Ark at Grapevine.

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Jonathan Ciacci


We are reaching out to share the story of Jonathan Ciacci, a devoted single father who has been deeply impacted by the recent devastating Maui fire. Jonathan has been a cherished resident of Maui for years. 


The Maui fire, however, has brought about an unimaginable change in Jonathan's life. The flames that swept through Lahaina have not only destroyed buildings and landscapes but have also taken away his source of livelihood. Jonathan is now faced with the challenging task of providing for his ohana in the aftermath of this tragedy.  Any help is truly appreciated.  Mahalo 


Wilmont Kahaia'li

Wilmont Kahaiali’i is family - to all who know him. As a kupuna, he is a holder of much of Hawai’i’s rich history and people, a community leader, and friend to all.


Wilmont is a man of tremendous spirit and love who shares his blessings with all that he meets. He is the first to drop everything and help when others need a hand. A truly generous soul, he and his family have lost everything in this fire- rushed to evacuate with only what they could throw in their car. All of his tangible family history, belongings, his music, and his life’s work… lost in an instant.


He is a true embodiment of the aloha spirit, and he and his family now need our help.

Visit his gofundme


Written by daughter: Over a course of 27 years my parents built up around that house and turned it into a beautiful oasis in Lahaina on Hauola Pl. My siblings and I as adults, along with our extended family & friends would always come to visit and everyone stayed, my parents built so many rooms that there was always space. 


Our home was built on a foundation of love and we will always have the memories of happy times and everything lost can be replaced, but it hurts to see my parents & brother lose it all in a flash. 


Mahalo for all donations. My prayers and love go out to the many other families on Maui that are suffering as well. God Bless You All!!!

Visit their gofundme


Jasmine Galarita

Jasmine Galarita: Galarita Ohana

The Galarita ohana have been Maui residents for years.  Currently Jasmine, who lives in upcountry Maui, is housing two displaced families in the aftermath of the devastating Maui fires.  We appreciate your generosity with helping these families get back on their feet.  Thank you!


Written by brother, Ridge Villa:  Randall grew up on Molokai but has called Maui home for the last 29 years. His passion is cooking, and has been serving Maui’s communities as a chef at numerous local favorite restaurants. Randall has been blessed with an uncanny ability to make people smile through food.


If Randall could be described as a person, it would be that he is always of service and would give the shirt off his back, and expects nothing in return but a smile. We can thank my mom for instilling that in us. Thanks mom!


Monies will help him and his family during recovery period, essential needs, and future unforeseen expenses. His job at Maui Sheraton will likely be affected due to closures but it’s his children that is his concern and the most important at this time.


Mahalo for your Kokua and blessings!

Visit their gofundme


Saribay Ohana

Aloha my name is Jordan Saribay.  My brother, Josh and his family, lost their home in the Maui fires.  He had no time to spare they fled their home for safety.  They lost everything along with our town our place we call home is no longer in existence.  Also, other family members of ours lost their homes as well.  We are looking for any help possible to get us back on our feet to get basic need and clothing and medicine for my family and I.  Money will going to the families that involved in this natural disaster.  Mahalo I greatly appreciate anything.


Aloha my name is Angielina Wright I am one of many victims that sadly Lost everything to the Devastation that took place in Lahaina I am trying to mend the pieces of my life back together with that being said I humbly ask for any support and prayers that you could possibly send my way anything is appreciated with so much love and mahalos Angie

Visit her gofundme


Who do we make checks payable to? 

Please make checks payable to The Ark at Grapevine with Project Aloha in the memo.

Where do I send a check to? 

Please send checks to Pineapple Grill Texas c/o Pomai Uyehara

121 E. Harwood Road

Hurst, TX 76054

Who gets the money? 

The money goes DIRECTLY to families that have been affected by the Maui fires via Zelle, CashApp, PayPal, or Venmo.

Is this a non-profit 501c3?

Yes, Project Aloha Texas operates under the non-profit 501c3, The Ark at Grapevine.  The owners of Pineapple Grill Texas, Barry

and Pomai Uyehara, are the founders of The Ark at Grapevine.

Are there any fees being taken out of my money I'm donating?

No fees :)

Will donors information be shared?

No.  Donors information will not be shared.  Unless specified between each party.

Can I get a donation letter?

Yes.  Let us know if you would like one via email.  Please include your name, what platform you donated on, and the amount.  

Send us an email 

Is there another way I can help besides donating here?

Yes!  Feel free to visit the families individual gofundme pages or their Venmos.

When will your fundraiser end?

This is an ongoing fundraiser.  We will continue to give aloha to our brothers and sisters on Maui until further notice.

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